Business Services

Services start at $499 per month and typically include transaction management, account reconciliations, monthly financials, and a 30-minute monthly strategy session over Zoom.

Transaction Management
Follow the flow of what comes in and what goes out. We record and categorize your financial transactions in an accessible, cloud-based accounting software.

Account Reconciliations
We run that fine comb through your bank-provided statements and compare them with your accounting software to ensure a perfect balance.

Monthly Financials
This is the give and take of business. We prepare your profit & loss statement and balance sheet then deliver it securely to your inbox every month.

Tax Prep Made Easy
We help you hold onto hard earned profits by keeping you current with your tax liabilities. We will work hand-in-hand with your accountant or one of our CPA partners.

Dedicated Support
Get the 411 through high touch phone, text, or email accessibility that adapts to your business schedule.

No Contracts
We’re committed to a long-term working relationship based on service, not signatures. All we require is a 30 day notice to break up.

Pricing is based on a number of factors including annual revenue, number of accounts, and amount of transactions.  Rather than offer general packages, we customize our service based on your business needs.

Quarterly plans are also available.

Other Services

Bookkeeping Clean-Up
Let’s catch up. whether you are behind on your record keeping for a few months or even a few years, we are here to help. Our catch-up rates start at $90 per hour with discounts on monthly plans.

Payroll Processing
Paid employees are happy employees. We proudly partner with ADP and Gusto. Our payroll services can be as simple as setting you up with discounted rates or hands-off, full-service processing with HR support. Weekly, biweekly, or monthly options available.

Accounts Receivable
Be open and ready to receive! We will set up customer accounts, emailing of invoices, and record payment transactions. We also offer the lowest rates for payment processing through our partners at Corporate Business Group.

For those who need an official signature to make important documents legit. This service is limited to South Eastern Pennsylvania clients.

Accounts Payable
Follow the Golden Rule. We Set up your vendors and make sure all expenses are paid on time with our recommended subscription.

Job/Class Tracking
We keep an eye on all the moving parts through income and expense tracking for specific projects, jobs, or locations. This feature is great for companies handling long term projects, wanting up to date progress reports, or companies wanting to track and compare location profits and losses.

"I didn't even know I needed bookkeeping services before I met Anne!

I am a very small business and tend to be fairly organized and was very pleasantly surprised to learn about the support she offers and how I could benefit from it. I love no longer having to categorize all my transactions and having everything ready for my accountant well in advance of tax season. As the result of Anne’s services and financial reports, I am now better able to see growth in my income and issues in my expenses that I can address to optimize my business. If you’re feeling disorganized or overwhelmed, I highly recommend reaching out to Independence Bookkeeping. Or if you’re organized like me but would like a helping hand to free up your time for other things, definitely reach out!”

Erica Desper, Owner
Confident Parenting